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Admission to Bachelor of Fine Arts 2018 - 2019

Online System

  • प्राधिकरणाचे दिनांक ११/10/2018 रोजीचे पत्र " Schedule for Admission Approval Process for the Academic Year 2018-19" या लिंक अंतर्गत आपल्या संकेतस्थळावर त्वरीत सादर करण्यात यावे व त्यानुसार आवश्यक कार्यवाही आपल्या स्तरावर त्वरीत करण्यात यावी,
  • Final Institute Admitted Candidate List A.Y. 2018-19
  • The provisional merit list of FN/NRI/OCI/PIO/CIWGC Candidate
  • Notice for FN/NRI/OCI/PIO/CIWGC candidates: on the spot admissions will be given on tuesday 21 august 2018 at between 2pm onwards. Venue: CET OFFICE, first floor, Directorate of art bldg, sir j j school of art campus, Dr. D N road, mumbai.
  • Maharastra Candidates MOP UP ROUND Provisional Merit
  • All India Candidates MOP UP ROUND Provisional Merit
  • Authorization letter format from candidate who will not be able to attend the MOP UP ROUND process in person
  • Registration for MOP UP ROUND will start from 12-08-2018 12:00 PM in candidate login.
  • Provisional Vacancy Position for MOP UP ROUND
  • For Mop Up & Special Round.
    All ARC CENTRES will remain open on 9 August 2018 between 10am to 4.00pm
  • Provisional Allotment for CAP Round III is displayed
  • Provisional Vacancy Position for CAP Round III
  • आरक्षित प्रवर्गातील उमेदवारांना सूचना:
    जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्रा करिता अर्ज केलेल्या परंतु अद्याप त्यांचे जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र प्राप्त न झालेल्या उमेदवारांची माहिती बार्टी कार्यालयाने खालील स्वरूपात मागितली आहे.
    ही माहिती या ई मेल वर सोमवार दि.6 ऑगस्ट सकाळी 11 वाजेपर्यंत पाठवावी.
    1.विद्यार्थ्याचे नाव-
    2.मोबाईल क्रमांक-
    3. ई मेल आयडी-
    4. जातीचा दाखला घेतलेल्या जिल्ह्याचे नाव -
    5. जिल्हा जात प्रमाणपत्र पडताळणी समितीने दिलेल्या पावतीचा क्रमांक व दिनांक-
    वरील माहिती इंग्रजीमध्ये भरावी दि. 6 ऑगस्ट सकाळी 11 नंतर माहिती पाठविल्यास सदर माहिती जात पडताळणी समितीकडे पाठविण्याकरिता विलंब झाल्यास कार्यालय जवाबदार राहणार नाही.
  • ARC Reporting for CAP Round 2 Will Start From 03-08-2018 12:00PM
  • Revised Allotment for CAP 2 is displayed
  • Considering the complaints filed by many candidates regarding the Option form filling procedure for 2nd CAP round, the provisional allotment of the seats to candidate according to 2nd CAP round is cancelled.
    The Candidates are now allowed to fill in or edit the already filled online option form for revised CAP round 2 and 3 as per new schedule.
  • Notice for All Candidates
  • Option Form for CAP-II Will be available from 31-07-2018 02:00PM
  • Revised Schedule of Cap Process for MAH-AAC-CET 2018
  • Notice Regarding Revised Schedule of Cap Process for MAH-AAC-CET 2018
  • Provisional Vacancy Position for CAP Round II
  • Institute Reporting will start from 20-07-2018 02:00 PM for candidate who have allotted the seats in CAP Round 1 and done Seat Acceptance Confirmation from ARC with selecting FREEZE option.
  • "Applications are invited for the post of Legal Officer on purely Contract Basis"
  • NRI / PIO / OCI / CIWGC / FN candidates should send the print of online filled & submitted application form with signature & copy of uploaded documents by hand / speed post / courier for verification & confirmation to "CET Office, Directorate of Art, Sir J.J. School of Art Campus, Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai-400001". Also email us the same online filled & submitted application form with signature & copy of uploaded documents on
    IT SHOULD REACH US TILL-23/07/2018
  • Candidates who have been allotted the seat according to the 1st CAP round should pay Rs.1000 as seat acceptance fees through their login.
    Select any one option from 'Freeze', 'Not Freeze'.
    Take a printout of seat acceptance form and go to nearest ARC along with all required original documents. Confirm your seat acceptance at ARC Centre on or before 20 July 2018 till 5pm.
  • Institute wise Allotment List for CAP Round 2017-18(Previous Year)
  • Final Merit for Maharashtra Candidates 12/07/2018
  • Final Merit for All India Candidates 12/07/2018
  • Blocked Candidates list From Final Merit 12/07/2018
  • As per the ordinance dt. 24/06/2018 of Maharashtra Government Candidates can verify their documents on caste validity certificate receipt till 7th July 2018 and complete the admission procedure as per the schedule such candidate is compulsory to submit the caste validity certificate till 10/08/2018 5.00 Pm at respective admitted institute, if they fail to submit the caste validity certificate their provisional admission will be cancelled ... seats vacant due to non submission of caste validity certificate special round will be held between 11th August 2018 to 14th August 2018.
  • दिनांक २४ जुन २०१८ च्या महाराष्ट्र शासनाच्या अध्यादेशास अनुसरून आपणांस कळविण्यात येते की, अद्याप जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र प्राप्त झालेले नाही अश्या उमेदवारांनी जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र मिळण्यासाठी संबंधित विभागाकडे जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र प्राप्त करण्यासाठीचा अर्ज सादर केल्याची पावती दि. ७ जुलै २०१८ पर्यंत सादर करून कागदपत्रांची पडताळणी करण्याची प्रक्रीया पुर्ण करून घ्यावी. संबंधित उमेदवारांनी आपले जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र दि.१०ऑगस्ट २०१८ रोजी संध्याकाळी ५ वाजेपर्यंत आपल्या तात्पुरत्या प्रवेशित महाविद्यालयात सादर करण्यास बांधील असतील. जर संबंधित उमेदवार त्याचे जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र विहीत मुदतीत सादर करू शकले नाहीत तर त्या उमेदवारांचे प्रवेश रद्द करण्यात येईल. जात वैधता प्रमाणपत्र सादर न केल्याने रिक्त झालेल्या जागा भरण्यासाठी दिनांक ११ ऑगस्ट २०१८ ते १४ ऑगस्ट २०१८ दरम्यान विशेष प्रवेश फेरी राबविण्यात येईल
  • Schedule of Activities for Admission to first Year of Under Graduate Professional Courses for AY 2018-19
  • Schedule of Activities for NRI / OCI / PIO / Children of Indian workers in Gulf countries / Foreign National Candidates
  • "Reschedule of Cap Process for MAH-AAC-CET 2018"
  • Document Verification at Facilitation centre by the candidate in person.
    04/06/2018 TO 20/06/2018 B/W 11:00 AM to 04:30 PM
  • Document Verification at Facilitation centre only for the reserved category candidate in person.
    21/06/2018 TO 07/07/2018 B/W 11:00 AM to 04:30 PM
  • "According to the instruction of Supreme Court caste validity certificate is mandatory for the candidates seeking admission in reserve category"
  • Kindly personally visit and verify required Original Documents as per listed in Printed application form at any of the following FC centre
  • List of FC Centres for Document verification
    (Kindly verify required Original Documents as per listed in Printed application form. Only those Candidates who will clear Document Verification will be eligible for Provisional Merit List.)
  • CET SCHEDULE... (Provisional Merit List will be displayed on 09/07/2018)
    Director of Art, (Nodal Officer)
    Directorate of Art, Sir J. J. School of Art Campus, Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai-400001
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